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My Journey to Financial Freedom Through Dividends 🤞

Dear Diary…
Dear Diary

Shit! I’m about to start buying shares on the ASX. And I have no idea what I’m doing.

Welcome dividend investors! DividendDiary.com exists to empower my journey towards financial freedom. Whether you’re just starting out too or a seasoned pro, you’ll find community, wisdom, and great conversation about dividend stocks and beyond. Pull up a chair!

On this site, we geek out over subjects like portfolio strategy, retirement planning, global investments trends, and more – all through the lens of dividends, passive income streams, and compound growth for the long run.


Stay curious, ask questions, and let’s grow our wealth together! I can’t wait to connect. Now…where were we? Oh yes, diving into the nitty gritty of that fantastic consumer staples dividend payer…

Discover the power of compound growth, one dividend at a time.

I ❤ Shares

Dividend Investing 101

I remember just starting out and feeling totally overwhelmed! So many new terms and strategies to wrap my head around. We’ll create kickass guides, cheat sheets, explainers and more to get new investors up to speed on core concepts. Things like stock types, assessing companies, picking brokers, balancing risk – you name it! My goal is to break it down so even the greenest beginner feels like, “Hey, I got this.”

Retirement Ready Portfolios​

F*@k! I’m in my 40s. For those closing in on retirement or already there, I’ll dish out model portfolios and nitty gritty advice tailored specifically to generating steady streams of dividend income. The principles you relied on while accumulating can change when it’s time to distribute and live off your nest egg! We can work on adjustments to make. And highlight companies ideally positioned to keep those dividend checks coming so you can relax.

The Nitty Gritty on Dividend Stocks

Lastly, a huge value add I envision is providing that in-depth analysis on specific dividend-paying stocks across industries. Really understanding their financials, competitive outlook, management track record – through the lens of “would this enhance my income portfolio?” Because not all dividends are created equal! I aim to equip readers to evaluate stocks with a sharp eye.

Dividends for the win! Because I’d rather earn than trade.

Building tomorrow’s dreams with today’s dividends.

My goal is to chronicle my investing journey as a busy working mum in an honest way – the wins and the losses.

As the mother of two teenagers and having worked in financial services for many years in the UK, I’m now keen to start investing more actively once again.

Like most families, there’s plenty of financial responsibilities – including our mortgage and our children’s education costs. However I want to make sure I’m putting away something towards my retirement as well. My years working part time have meant that my superannuation (pension) contributions weren’t as substantial during that period.

The Disclaimer 👉 The content of this blog is based solely on my personal experiences and is for informational purposes only. I am not a financial advisor, and my insights should not be taken as financial advice. My decisions and actions regarding buying, selling, or holding shares are specific to my circumstances and should not be considered recommendations for your investment strategy. Always consult a professional financial advisor before making investment decisions. My blog does not assume responsibility for any financial gains or losses resulting from following my personal journey.

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